Leandro Incetta
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Curate concepts for UX design newcomers

With so many theories, tools, and principles related to the study of user experience design, my colleague and I decided to compile them in a website.

UX Stash - Curation of concepts for UX design newcomers

Show your art and preserve its quality

Fernando needs his art to be displayed in a place where all his social network profiles converge and posts are protected because of copyright laws.

Show your art and preserve its quality - Fernando Incetta

Design a landing page in less than a day

The marketing team at United Way New Mexico asks for a refreshed look and feel to communicate their news on their website. And they have no time to lose.

United Way New Mexico

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About me

Websites and apps have been my specialization since 2008. Years later, I keep continuously learning new technologies with a focus on user experience, communication theory, and the understanding of human behavior.

I am passionate about finding ways to improve communications and empathy through design. My collaborations with cross-functional teams dispersed around the globe have given me unique insight into how design can bridge cultural gaps.

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