Curate concepts for UX design newcomers

With so many theories, tools, and principles related to the study of user experience design, my colleague and I decided to compile them in a website.

UX Stash - Curation of concepts for UX design newcomers

Show your art and preserve its quality

Fernando needs his art to be displayed in a place where all his social network profiles converge and posts are protected because of copyright laws.

Show your art and preserve its quality - Fernando Incetta

Design a landing page in less than a day

The marketing team at United Way New Mexico asks for a refreshed look and feel to communicate their news on their website. And they have no time to lose.

United Way New Mexico

Buy custom furniture and connect multiple web platforms

Mike crafts the most beautiful wooden furniture in Denver. After acquiring new machinery, he's ready to scale his business promoting it all around the web.

Wake Up Woodworks

Diagram an a process to save a mountain of emails

BridgeEnglish is a language school that brings students from all over the world to the USA. So many admission requests call for a good management system.

BridgeEnglish Student Portal

Give a face to a company to make it trustworthy

Daniel realizes times are changing, and his catering company needs a branding initiative that includes creating an online presence.

Posadas Catering

Compare Twitter hashtags and get audience insights

I believe that creating a web app for marketers and academics to explore Twitter hashtags will bring them quick insights to help make data-driven decisions.


Integrate technologies to enhance the learning experience

TEFLVideos is part of a larger language company. A service created after realizing the role of video learning as part of the future of education.

Bring your classroom wherever you go - A story of integration

Generate autonomy with a content management system

The expansion of Bridge Education Group into more than a dozen of websites requires the automation of the tasks falling into the bottleneck of the web team.

Plan a management system to generate autonomy

Create convenience to uncover concealed hotels

In the era of Google Maps, love hotels in South America are still hidden and purposely hard to find. As part of a navigational experiment, we go explore.

Create convenience to uncover concealed hotels

Become an authority with validation from users

Trust. A factor that is hard to convey on the internet. Fabio Talin accepts the challenge and creates a comprehensive solution for airplane passengers.

Become an authority through people's endorsements

Cook your way to success through word of mouth

Carolina loves her mother's dishes. She thinks it's time to spread the word and offer a catering service with the flavors of home made.

La Vianda Express, a site created out of the need of exposure

Create the feeling and double your investment

After acquiring rental cabins in between the forest and the beach, Marcelo tries to sell not only amenities but also the feeling of freedom and relax.

Create the feeling and double your investment

Build trust by humanizing your brand

As the business owner of an expanding metal injection company, Gonzalo tries to reach out to new people outside his circle of clients.

Build trust by humanizing your brand

Foster collaboration within multiple disciplines

For the first time, I was entirely responsible for dealing with clients to understand their user needs. Budgets, schedules, and keeping the team on track.

Foster collaboration within multiple disciplines - Diseñemelón