Promote a local radio show
And expand its reach

Como Anoche is a radio show made by a group of friends in Posadas, Misiones (Argentina). I met this group at the very beginning of season one, and we’ve been friends since then.

My role at that time was a brief appearance as a host, but mostly working with the production. Creating audios for the live show, and all the graphics for the Facebook fan page.

At the end of season four, the main audio console at the radio station stopped working, and the show went off the air. The group tried to move into another radio station, but the show couldn’t make it after the pilot. The contents did not match the general view of the owners.

The fan base kept growing up on the other hand. The hosts were in touch not only with the underground cultural scene but also with artists from all over the place. So the show had to go on.

We would be the first independent online radio of the city.


Running analytics from Facebook insights allowed us to know there was a big part of the listeners who weren’t living in the city. Also, the time of the show (Fridays from 9 PM to 11 PM) wasn’t beneficial for our targeted demographic.