Create a startup
To empower your friends

Diseñemelón was much more than just a website. It was the visible face of the startup we founded with a group of colleagues and best friends.

Each one of us had a different specialization to bring to the team:

An industrial designer
A web developer
An audiovisual designer
A photographer
A graphic designer (me)

Together we worked on 12 projects for clients total. Plus many others just for ourselves. And on a personal note, this made me grow up more of a product owner rather than just a designer.

For the first time, we were entirely responsible for dealing with real clients to understand their user needs. I had to negotiate budgets, schedule delivery dates and keep the team on track.

I’d recommend not only having the experience of getting out of your comfort zone and being able to deal with the several faces of a project. But also grabbing a good team when you’re planning on going “solo.” There is no jack of all trades. And you can learn so much from interacting with professionals who cover other issues that are not yours.