Show your art and preserve its quality
Fernando needs his art to be displayed in a place where all his social network profiles converge and posts are protected because of copyright laws.

Fernando is my brother. He’s a very talented illustrator and 3D animator, who has been responsible for many big TV ads and one full feature film so far.

Every time he wanted to showcase his portfolio, there was the problem that websites like Behance or even social networks like Instagram would shrink and compress his images. We both understood the importance of having a presence there, though. But maybe we could use them as pathways to lead the user into visiting his site.

Better images, and more information.

The focus of my work was on optimizing the images for retina display and finding plugins to improve the compression and overall quality of both pictures and videos. I also increased the upload ratio to not only show HD images but also preserve the originals on the server, as some backup for him.

Show your art and preserve its quality - Fernando Incetta

The end user is not the general public.

One important feature is the ability to share the URLs to share specific projects and assets.

If he wanted to share his work, he already had a Facebook fan page, an Instagram account, and a Behance. But for this product, we were focusing on the potential clients he reaches every time he’s applying for a job. He gets contacted very often since he’s a freelance artist.

So the big feature that made the difference was the password protected posts. Some projects couldn’t be public because of copyright issues. Or sometimes there’s confidential information you cannot have published.

Besides from the fact that having your website and custom email account increases your credibility.