Compare Twitter hashtags
And get audience insights

In Twitter, you can see what hashtags are trending, but you cannot compare them with against each other in an easy way. Competitors offered paid services and required the user to sign up. None of them were quick and instantaneous.

I believed that creating a web app for marketers and academics will achieve better insights and help them make data-driven conclusions.


The goals for this web app were:

Gather data from the Twitter API to compare hashtags in real-time.
Research on data visualization and how to better show results.
Organize insights for different platforms.


We always had in mind a broad target audience. And we thought we could create a tool to perform the following:

Compare Twitter hashtags in real-time and discover what is trending
Monitor your brand on Twitter – Monitor tweets based on a word, phrase or query.
Track a hashtag campaign – Capture every tweet with a particular hashtag and then do an analysis.
Perform academic research – Ideal for academics writing papers and sociological analysis.


There was a large list of data we pulled from Twitter. With that we created the following outputs:

Influencer Index: Find the people with the most followers tweeting about the topic.
Volume Over Time: Useful to identify spikes and lulls in tweet activity.
Top Users: Find the influencers! Determine who are the most active, prolific tweeters about a topic. Including direct links to Twitter profile pages.
Top URLs: Determine the most popular links on a topic. Excellent for measuring campaign effectiveness.
Top Words: a Great indicator of sentiment and the general tone of a topic.
Language: A breakdown of the language used.
Source Of Tweet: Are people using their phones to tweet? Desktop apps? Or the web?
User Mentions: See what other Twitter users are utilizing the hashtags.
Hashtags: Discover hashtags that use the term you search.


In 6 months people made 1,110 comparisons and 25,000 views.