I’m Leandro (pronounced Leh-AAN-DRow), a graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires, who started working back in the day as an industrial product designer. After that, I moved into the world of websites and software as a service (SaaS), designing interfaces and doing front-end development.

My technical background made me want to dig deeper into information architecture, and I found that I was so committed to being involved in the whole product lifecycle that I was drawn back to my roots as a product designer.

I founded a cross-functional design startup with friends in Buenos Aires, where I learned the business aspect of the products, and the importance of good user experience. In 2013 I moved to Denver to marry my wife, and that's when I started working in more prominent companies.

Oftentimes I post my thoughts and some links I find useful on Twitter. When I make an illustration, they go to Dribbble. In case you want to read recommendations, or simply connect, come say hi on LinkedIn.

Oh, and this is Peepers.

📁 Projects

Dig into the different experiences I had all these years to understand how I work. If you want to check my most complete projects, I recommend you start with the work I did for PR Newswire. For passion projects, UXÑ is a good use case.

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🛠 Resources

Daily I find myself utilizing the same resources over and over. These might be useful for you, too. Freebies and some career tips that I discovered along the way thanks to personal experience and mentors.

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📚 Glossary

Many time I struggled with not finding the words to explain design concepts to clients and colleagues. I put together a small glossary of terms and related links to them. All this collection can be explored in UX Stash as well.

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🤔 So, where’s the resume?

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to get an overview of my career. If you're looking for the print version, I want to thank you for being interested in hiring me. Send me a connection request, and I'll share all my assets with you.