I'm Leandro. A designer from Buenos Aires living in Denver, Colorado. I say designer in the broadest sense because I have had many roles during my career. I have a humanistic, intense, practical, and multi-disciplinary way of doing things. I'm part of projects that make me feel creative and challenged.

The best definition of myself would be: A cross-cultural visual communicator helping people understand one another.

Beware: I’m as creative as anyone else in the problem-solving business.

However, the outcome of my work is anything but creative - it is functional, useful, usable, and scalable.

I work with methods. I make recommendations based on research and data. I analyze, measure, and, most importantly, don’t decide upon assumptions. I get to the root of the problem.

My designs obey rules and interaction patterns; they’re not abstract nor creative - they’re thorough and precise.

I aim for the best user experience while also accounting for the business strategy and growth.

"He is creative, passionate, and dedicated to steering product design in the best direction for end-users. He stays on top of industry trends and is a continuous learner. As a result, our team had an energizing camaraderie."

My job is to demonstrate to stakeholders that caring for customers actually leads to better business.

Wherever industry or company I’m in, my aim is to generate a positive impact through a pragmatic lens. For that reason is that most of my time I spend differentiating facts from stories; Breaking silos and information asymmetries with radical candor and crucial conversations.

I enjoy and encourage disrupting habits of mind to allow for adaptation and improvisation. My tool for this is the ability to influence.

"Great storyteller. It seems like a natural gift Leandro has to bring lightness, but no less gravity to what he's saying. He comes across genuinely. Balancing the historic pains with some pragmatism and optimism."

What makes my life meaningful is helping people understand one another and themselves.

For me, it’s all about making people with different skill sets and experiences dialogue between them. I include everyone in the design process, especially those we excluded in the past. I do this with authority, good communication, and conviction.

I approach people and things with kindness, love of learning, humor, curiosity, and gratitude. That's why even when I'm not in work mode I'm still creating spaces for convergence, like putting meals together or recording songs with other people.

If communicating with those who know us is difficult enough, imagine what it would be like to engage with people with different backgrounds and motivations.

When I design, I learn. I research disciplines, speak with specialists, ask questions, and pose challenges. I create the space so that each one of us can be heard and feel they are contributing from their place.

It won't be easy. It will be a mess of emotions and discoveries. I am here to make sense of that mess and create artifacts that will bring us a little closer to creating a dialogue.

"Leandro is a person capable of finding creative solutions to complex issues. Although extremely technically minded, Leandro can communicate with simple, friendly language with a great sense of humor."

Would you like to know more about me?

Just ask! Here, I put a page with all the different ways in which you can virtually reach out to me: