Part of a global network of mentors. Here, mentees book time with me to talk about issues related to career growth, soft skills, and portfolio reviews. We also touch on topics such as stakeholder communication and design ethics.


Leandro is awesome! We chat about similar pet peeves and frustrations in the product design world and how to overcome them. He is super relatable and easy to talk to! I chat with him every few weeks!

Brooke Hamilton  🇺🇸

Product Designer, Numerade

Leandro is very enthusiastic and supportive. I enjoy our conversation a lot. He gave me perspective on what it is like to be a product designer in his experiences and tell me not to be afraid of asking questions. He is a great mentor and would love to talk to him again :)

Annie Hall  🇺🇸

Product Designer, Linkedin

I had a nice chat with Leandro, he's so nice and helpful! He showed me examples of case studies, gave me sources to find internships, and gave much feedback to my portfolio. I appreciate Leandro's passion for design, he's a creative and thoughtful designer! Can't wait to meet him next time, and highly recommend him!

Norma You  🇺🇸

marketing specialist, 1points

Leandro is super helpful and instantly felt a connection at the beginning based on his eagerness to listen and give advice! His resources, wisdom, and past experiences gave me insights on what I can do to improve. He is really genuine as a mentor and guided me during the process when applying for my first product design job, and I actually landed one recently, thanks to his help! I'm super grateful!! :)

Nancy Liu  🇺🇸

UI/UX Design, NanxiDreams

Leandro offered thoughtful and actionable feedback during our call. He also gave great advice on how to get a job, and how to become a better designer through networking and social interaction. Thank you Leandro!

Martin Agubata  🇳🇬

Graphic Designer, Babban Gona

Chatting with Leandro was great! He did such a good job making me feel welcome and comfortable in the video call. As a new product designer, I was looking to connect with someone with deep experience in design, and Leandro delivered! He had an abundance of helpful tips for communicating with stakeholders and making sure that a design is filled with intent. He was able to draw on his own experiences and examples to help me understand the situations I've been facing in my own work.

Emily Salles  🇺🇸

UX/UI Designer, NomiSo

I greatly enjoyed talking with Leandro today! He took the time to get to know me and understand what kind of specific industry I was looking to enter, and gave me some really actionable advice based on what he was hearing, specifically on how to stand out to recruiters on Linkedin. Beyond that, he also shared with me his Notion board, which is filled with so much great information with everything ranging from junior UX job boards to UX interviewing tips. Overall, a great session!

Sharon Lin  🇺🇸

Recent Graduate

Leandro took the time to skim two case studies on my portfolio (sent in advance) and offered thoughtful and actionable feedback during our call. He also gave great advice on skills and mindsets I could develop while I applied for my first role as a product designer.

Nicole Mariñas  🇺🇸

Student, DesignLab

I had a great session with Leandro, he gave me lots of resources and great tips. Highly recommend him.

Maryam N/A Fasihy  🇺🇸

UI/UX Designer, AT&T

Leandro!! One of the best people I have ever met in this tech space. The short meeting was so smooth and I really learned a lot from all we talked about!! A fantastic individual!!

Samuel Olayanju  🇳🇬

Product Designer, ITSkills Centre

I really enjoyed talking to Leandro for my first ADPList session. He provided a lot of insight on how to make my portfolio stand out and showed me many images that illustrated his thoughts. He also looked at my portfolio in advance to make the best out of the short time we had to talk. I'm looking forward to chatting with Leandro again!

Cindy Huang  🇺🇸

Product/UX Designer, UC Berkeley

My first attempt to try out ADPList through Leandro was a welcoming gift towards the new year. Leandro was careful and insightful with his abundance of experiences and professionalism that clarified my motivation and goals. Conversation with him was a fantastic experience! I am currently pursuing a career in UX from a completely different background as I needed help finding a direction. I am genuinely thankful for his support!

Ray Moon  🇺🇸

Recent Graduate, University of Washington

It was a pleasure to speak with Leandro. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all patiently. Providing me with valuable ideas, advice, and support. he helped me find the right direction for my portfolio. I look forward to continuing talking to him and getting more guidance in my new career.

Andres Villegas  🇺🇸

Motion Designer, NBC universal