For me, the community has been a major focus in my career. My collaborations with cross-functional teams dispersed around the globe have given me the opportunity not only to learn from them but to establish great work relationships.

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My inbox is the one place I check the most:

Social networks where I talk about design

I enjoy experiencing the positive influence of like-minded people. Sharing my activities, ideas and feelings reinforce not only my sense of self but also adds worth and value to the community. The topics I discuss online are constantly being reassessed and fine-tuned. They evolve as I evolve.

The fun social networks

Apologies but I’m not an influencer. With that being said, I do enjoy making songs and sharing them with you. And about Instagram: still unsure how to use it but you’re more than welcome to watch me grow old in pictures and videos.

Mentorship sessions at ADP List

You chose to improve people's well-being. You stepped out of your comfort zone. I want to hear about your challenges. Together, we will tap into your inner strengths and find joy when things get complicated.


We could set an informal virtual meeting to learn more about a specific project, the industry, or our challenges. I can crack a joke and hear someone laugh. A video call will allow us to have a more in-depth conversation and will be less likely to result in miscommunication.