Portfolio vs presentation deck

Designers ideally have both a website showcasing work and a presentation to go over work live. One can function without the other, and a hybrid of the two can sometimes work, but it's best to have both. And neither needs to take a lot of time to create! Simple is key.

A portfolio website is something others can easily navigate and access. You can have immense amounts of detail and information on a website to accommodate the self-serve need it fulfills. You can send a link to someone, and they don't need you to be in the room with them for it to make sense. For these reasons, a portfolio website is perfect for including in outreach and your resume.

On the other hand, a presentation deck is something to be used as a visual tool for speaking over. It adds clarity and interest to a vocal narrative. It puts you in the driver's seat as the storyteller and uses the visuals of a presentation to add color and character to whatever you're saying. It's much more focused and linear; it's a tool to convince others you're right for the job.

When you try to do both (give the audience control of the experience and have them listen to the story you're telling), you create a mishmash of things that can't functionally serve their purpose as required.

Better to optimize for the right situation and design one for each purpose: a website others can explore freely and a presentation you can use as a storytelling device.