Follow influential product leaders

Follow influential product leaders

Here’s a visualization that Delibr posted on LinkedIn on Jan 31, 2022:


And this is the list with links to each one of the Twitter profiles. If you don’t want to follow them one by one, I made a list on Twitter with all of them and some others I consider influential, too.

Strategy and leadership

Melissa Perri - @lissijean

Marty Cagan - @cagan

Jason Fried - @jasonfried

John Cutler - @johncutlefish


Ryan Hoover - @rrhoover

Teresa Torres - @ttorres

Holly Hester-Reilly - @H2RProductSci


Jeff Patton - @jeffpatton

Nils Janse - @nilsjanse

Knowledge management

Maggie Appleton - @Mappletons

Tiago Forte - @fortelabs

User experience

Patrick Neeman - @usabilitycounts

Steve Krug - @skrug

Irene Au - @ireneau

Don Norman - @jnd1er

Laura Klein - @lauraklein

Product ops

Denise Tilles - @dtilles

Hugo Froes - @thehugofroes

Gerisha Nadaraju - @gerisha_n

Joshua McLaughlin - @joshmcla

Product life

Shreyas Doshi - @shreyas

Lenny Rachitsky - @lennysan

Jackie Bavaro - @jackiebo

Diana Kimball Berlin - @dianakimball