Engaging Apps


May 2015

Dynamic participation, vibrant outcomes

EngagingApps foster in-depth engagement through collaborative mapping, interactive workbooks, and trade-off simulators. These highly visual, dynamic activities are easy to understand, relevant to community members, and provide meaningful insights to your team. EngagingApps collect community input specific to each project phase, and are flexible and customizable to meet a variety of project goals.

Web apps for every project goal and phase


Invite people to identify places of interest and offer specific insights about them. Depending on your project goals, mapping apps can be used to:

  • Collaboratively map community assets
  • Collect detailed data and observations for particular locations
  • Map routes, missing connections, or commuting habits
  • Compare and evaluate changes on different maps side-by-side


Combine visual information about project challenges and opportunities with short activities to educate people and ask for informed input. Workbooks can be used to:

  • Introduce and evaluate design concepts and alternatives
  • Provide an online complement to traditional public workshops
  • Translate long documents into interactive learning and feedback exercises


Explore priorities, impacts and trade-offs through real-time charts and graphs that display custom indicators based on user preferences. Simulators can be used to:

  • Examine budget priorities and funding allocation options
  • Explore values alignment with various scenarios
  • Weigh options and evaluate impacts of proposed alternatives

Use Cases

Comparison Mapping

Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Code - Albuquerque, NM

Interactive Plan

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy - Altoona, PA

Digital Workshop

Comprehensive Plan - Longmont, Colorado