Mis Cobranzas


Introduce a new concept In an approachable way


Promotional landing page for mid-size companies to learn about and get a mobile app for online payments.

My role


The story

When I was still part of Diseñemelón -my startup- we got to work with this client. He came up with an idea already defined, and what my partners and I had to do was to deal with the user experience.

For budgetary reasons, the project got stuck in the design phase. The whole development of the product, unfortunately, was never done.

The only visible trace from all this is the landing page I designed for this client. It was an introduction to the product and the ways to use it.

A bittersweet outcome

In my opinion, we were dealing with a very complex idea, that in the end, it was hard to understand. Ergo, hard to sell as well.

Mis Cobranzas was an idea conceived in Argentina. And that time the confidence between people and products sold on the internet wasn’t the greatest. The testing sessions demonstrated not only that it was hard to understand, but also that people wouldn’t spend their money on something unknown.

The lesson I learned is to keep your product either humble and on a modern platform or to go full throttle and to spend a good amount of money on getting the right team to work on the idea. No middle grounds.

Introduce a new concept

In an approachable way