Wake Up Woodworks


Mike crafts the most beautiful wooden furniture in Denver. After acquiring new machinery, he's ready to scale his business promoting it all around the web.


Mike is a craftsman. A designer. An artist.

His woodcrafts can be seen at the most trendy restaurants in Denver, and at the houses of families who appreciate everlasting hand made unique designs.

There was already a Facebook page and an Etsy shop where you could get his products. But we had to show there’s a real organization behind it. We had to highlight the expertise in the company and in the content and services he provides. But most importantly, we had to show that honest and trustworthy people were standing behind.

An upgrade to a successful business

We gathered all the information and pictures he had available. His wife helped us with the descriptions and the sales pitch. There was a featured video at the top, showing manual work. And always keep that in mind: that we were doing something unique and custom to your taste.

The products are on a grid so that you can have a general perspective of each one of them. They can expand to your entire screen, with the addition of having sharing icons to sites like Pinterest. It’s important for us that people keep posting these images all across the web.

The things that count

I like to think personalized email address will increase credibility and also keep your work email separate from your personal inbox. We did that, too.

A logo is a must. The circular saw representing the sunrise is now used not only on the web but also in all the products, iron branded in the wood.

But from all of the good things, probably the best one is having the possibility to work and deliver value to your friends.